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Pool Service & Repair

Efficient Repair & Service

Your time is valuable! At Premier Pools, we offer efficient pool and spa equipment repair in the Tri-Cities region. Our expertly trained technicians provide personalized customer service to keep your pool or spa operating at peak performance.

General Equipment Repair & Replacement

  • Pumps, filters, heaters, sanitation systems or automation panels
  • Leak detection/repair
  • Chemistry problems
  • Plumbing and circulation (flow or systemic issues)
  • Automatic pool covers (adjustment, repair or replace)
  • Vinyl liner repair
  • Free consultations

Leak Detection

Premier Pools has over 12 state-of-the-art leak detection tools to help narrow down and pinpoint even the smallest of leaks. We also have top-of-the-line repair materials to ensure the leak is patched for good. 

Leak detection starting at $800/first two hours, and $250/hour after. Leak repair is time and materials starting at $145/hour.


We will meet with you to see if your pool is a candidate for resurfacing v. replastering. With a resurface, imperfections and appearance are addressed with the existing pool surface. If, however, a replastering is indicated, we are here to help. Many times, decisions to replaster are due to aesthetic reasons. People often replaster when doing other major home renovations to have a nicer finish or new color. We will help you with your decision to resurface or replaster.

Safety Devices

Premier Pools installs and services assistive pool fixtures like handrails and ADA chair lifts. Have peace of mind knowing you are keeping your guests safe by having our team of professionals install, replace or service your safety devices.

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