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Pool Maintenance

Premier Maintenance Packages

Your pool provides you with many hours of enjoyment, and your free time is very valuable! That’s why many pool owners rely on a professional pool technician to keep their pool safe and enjoyable. Not only are they relieved of many routine tasks, but they can relax knowing that they are also protecting their pool investment. Premier's technicians will take care of brushing, netting, vacuuming and chemicals with every visit. If something looks off, technicians keep close contact with service manager for repairs. 

Call us today to find a weekly or biweekly pool maintenance schedule that fits your needs!

Cleaning and Chemistry

Weekly – Starting @ $115

Bi-Weekly – Starting @ $150

Monthly – Starting @ $145/hour

Chemicals Only – $75/visit regardless of frequency.

One of Premier Pool’s maintenance packages helps you stay on top of:

  • Premier Pool’s service technicians can help take care of everything for you! We make sure the pH balance is where it needs to be and the water is clean. Forget having to purchase or store any pool chemicals or tools at your house! This is huge when you live on a small property with limited storage.

  • Premier’s technician will take care of all the regular cleaning and maintenance for you. Pool walls, steps, fixtures, diving boards, and ladders are brushed to remove algae and sediment. The pool surface is skimmed for the removal of debris, and skimmer baskets are maintained to operate at maximum efficiency. Remember, once debris sinks to the bottom, removal is more complicated, stains may occur, and filtration systems can be clogged.


  • We check for any damage or leaks and make sure that the filter and plumbing equipment is working safely and efficiently.
  • You can be confident that your pool is always safe and running smoothly.


Our experts know to make this pool opening and closing a breeze from start to finish. With our valuable service at your fingertips, you will be free to enjoy your pool with less stress, knowing that your investment is protected at all times.

Pool Opening w/ Safety Cover – Starting @ $600

Pool Opening w/ Automatic Cover – Starting @ $400

Pool Closing w/ Safety Cover – Starting @ $550

Pool Closing w/ Automatic Cover – Starting @ $350

Pro Tip: The Earlier the Better!

Don't plan for opening the pool when we have consistent 70-degree days! It may still be a bit cool for swimming, but algae wait for no one! Once temps are out of freezing, your pool is safe to open.

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