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Tri-Cities' Commercial Pool Specialists

From design to installation, from maintenance to repair, Premier Pools will help you with your commercial pool needs. Let us walk you through the design and build process! Our design experts have years of experience and a reputation for beautiful, durable, and maintainable design. 


HOAs, apartments, hotels, and swim clubs require climate control, cleaning, and chemistry, as well as attention to equipment upkeep and repair. It can be a lot!

Premier Pools collaborates with commercial property maintenance managers to help keep your pool pro-level clean and safe for everyone throughout the swimming season.

Our knowledgeable and professional pool service technician will help you ensure safe and reliable pool operations. We will be your best ally in protecting your investment.

Want to become the expert? Premier Pools proudly offers Certified Pool operators courses to help get your maintenance team the knowledge they need to properly and effectively maintain the pool.

  • Your commercial pool requires special attention to detail. From common maintenance tasks to more complex operations, our technicians can help with:
  • Brushing pool walls, steps, fixtures, ladders, and diving boards fight the spread of algae and the accumulation of dirt.
  • Vacuuming services are performed for debris removal, with vacuum systems maintained and filters cleaned.
  • Acid washes can be performed to clean and control black algae.
  • Tighten up handrails or ladders
  • Diagnose/repair plumbing or equipment problems
  • Leak detection
  • Programming chemical control systems
  • Sand filters need media change

Commercial Pools with Premier


We conduct water tests to keep your pool balanced, making adjustments are made as needed. Our professional technicians will help you maintain the health of your pool.  

Equipment Check

Equipment is examined, and the weir gate, main drain, and equalizer covers are checked for function and compliance. Pump room duties like the emptying of the pump basket and backwash filter are performed, and the operation of gauges and equipment are checked. Chemical feeders are maintained, as are service and maintenance records.

Ensure it's Done Right!

It also helps to have an extra set of eyes to observe the condition of your pool deck. We may be able to help you spot areas of concern with deck equipment, safety, and signage.

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