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Pool Installation

Pool Install Pros

Let us partner with you to bring your aquatic dream to life! Our passion for pools and spas will help you achieve outdoor living that flows with your lifestyle. Our trained crews have the experience, expertise, and know-how to make your project succeed. Quality matters, and we offer the finest in plaster and liner pool and spa construction.

Spas & Vinyl Lined Pools

We are proud to offer these high-quality manufactured pool and spa construction product lines:

  • Pool liners by Plastimayd: Plastimayd has the best reputation in the business! Known for both beauty and strength, this company has a wonderful selection of liner patterns to make your backyard pop.

Plaster Pools

There’s a good reason that plaster pool surfaces have been around forever. These pools remain popular, despite the range of pool finishes that have emerged in recent years. Plaster pools are a classic. They are made with a mixture of plaster and cement giving you a luxurious look and feel. When properly built and cared for, plaster pools last longer.
Size is not an issue, so build it as big or small as you would like. Unlike pre-formed fiberglass pools, you are not limited by transportation constraints!

Key advantages to installing a plaster pool:

Durable & Attractive

  • They stand the test of time. When applied and maintained correctly, they are durable and last for decades.
  • Did you say color? The color runs through the plaster/cement mix! Beauty is not just skin deep, my friends. A wide range of colors are available, and you can opt for an exposed aggregate finishing technique.

Value Over Time

  • Economical in the long run. The upfront costs might be slightly higher, but your pool will be less expensive over time and outlast a vinyl liner or fiberglass.


  • Repairs due to damage and stains are available!
  • Non-Toxic! Both plaster and cement have long histories of safe use.

Patio Enclosures

Want to provide your pool or spa the ultimate protection from the elements? Let us help turn your dreams into reality with an elegantly designed retractable pool, spa or patio enclosure. Enjoy your pool, spa or patio all year in our region’s often unpredictable weather conditions with a retractable enclosure.

Patio Enclosures Provide:

  • High clarity light transmission and protection against harmful UV radiation
  • Durable aluminum framework and polycarbonate retain their characteristics for years
  • Reduced cleaning time by keeping dirt, leaves and debris out of your enclosure
  • High solar efficiency
  • A flexible alternative to traditional construction
  • Comfortable and easy handling – Barrier free access
  • Retains the heat created by sunshine and increases thermal coziness inside the enclosure
  • Prolonged use plus extra storage, planting or exercising space
  • Restrict access by children or animals to ensure their safety
  • Expand the useable area of your home - Indoor/outdoor entertainment by simply sliding the enclosure

Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures provide:

  • The ability to extend your season and swim all year round
  • Open air swimming by simply sliding the retractable enclosure to an open position
  • Time saving maintenance which means more time for pleasure
  • High clarity light transmission and protection against harmful UV radiation
  • Durable aluminum framework and polycarbonate retain their characteristics for years

Benefits to an Enclosure:

  • Reduced cleaning costs by keeping dirt, leaves and debris out of the pool or patio
  • Better water quality and reduced amounts of water treatment chemicals
  • No need for opening and closing your pool each season
  • High solar efficiency results in lower costs of heating
  • Reduced evaporation loss
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